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      Golf is well known as one of the world’s famous three gentleman games. A 30,000 square meters Golf Driving Range with 70 hitting bays and a small Green are unique in city area of Zhuhai. Golf Green is surely your first choice for partners to communicate and make progress in playing golf. Customers’ needs for fashion and leisure sports can be satisfied here.
      The golf driving range in Nanhai Oil (Zhuhai) Hotel provides an opportunity for general people to join in this interesting movement. Compared with the golf club, it has four incomparable advantages: favorable price, any weather can play, having night lights and located in the downtown. It is not only the place for golf fans but also the best choice for people having recreational activity.

        TEL: 3231333 or Internal line: 8333
        Business hours: 07:30-23:00
        Special offers: having a 30% discount with room key, 50% discount with the International Friendship Card, and 10% discount with the ONE-CARD.