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Nanhai Oil (Zhuhai) Hotel is situated along the Shuiwan road in Zhuhai. The hotel was founded in 1984 and covers an area of 100,000 square meters. It offers 242 different types of rooms, makes it the ideal apartment-style four-star accommodation for conference meeting, business, family travel, long-stay and vacation. Hotel has various types of supporting facilities and Chinese, western, Japanese style restaurants. Hotel provides more than 10 sports activities of supporting facilities; especially the golf driving range is very welcome and popular.
Nanhai Oil (Zhuhai) Hotel has won several prestigious awards and the Most Charming Hotel Honor among Hong Kong, Macao and overseas Chinese for over the years.
In 2012, Hotel has been chosen by Guangdong Provincial Finance Bureau and Guangdong Provincial Tourism Association as the designated hotel and conference place for both Central and local governments’ staffs through 2013 to 2014.