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 04月19日 14:00 (Recommend)
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1)To book a room, such as no prior agreement, will be held until 14:00 only。
2)Above rates go up 10 percent of small holiday; big fake go up 30%. Credit cards can be used major banks, denominated in Renminbi。
3)Children aged 12 or less the same places with their parents at no extra charge. Prices are subject to change without prior notice。
4)Please make sure your active contact telephone! In particular, tensions in the hotel room state case, because your contact information is not accurate and can not be confirmed in advance you get a check, resulting in no room appear when you check the situation, the hotel assumes no responsibility。
5)The final interpretation of the hotel side. Guests addition to price and room type other than the demand (for example: non-smoking, etc.) please contact the Reservations Department directly
(86-0756-3323 423), please contact the customer to ensure accuracy.